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Available Stock

Available Stock

Please take a look at our existing stock availability below.

We have listed the equipment, given details and shown the purchase price. Our equipment is also available on a monthly rental basis. Please contact us for a quote.

If the equipment you are trying to source does not appear on this list, use our Contact or Request Equipment pages and we will speak to you about your requirements.

If you are a company, or individual, you can list your unwanted equipment in this section. It will be viewed by our customers, partners and other interested parties. Contact us with the details and we will place your item below.

Quantity                                            Description                                                              Condition                                 Price

1 Set                                                  Fixed Height Steps   (Used)                                        Good                                         £1,400

1 Set                                                  Extendable 737 Steps (Used)                                     Good                                         £3,500

13                                                      Baggage Carts without covers                                    Fair                                           £250

10                                                      Baggage Carts with covers 3 years old                      Very Good                                 £600

1 Set                                                 737 Tristair Stairs                                                        Very Good                                £7,000

1                                                        Ambistair Unit Ex demo unit                                        Good                                         £3,000

1 Set                                                 Lighting Tower with 4 light assembly                           Fair                                            £600

1                                                       Jumbo JT15 Electric Baggage Tractor                        Good                                          £2,500