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Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

AER have many years in the field of Ground Support Equipment. This gives us a unique position. That is that, whilst some companies are taking their first steps into the aviation world, we have been around to see who delivers good equipment and services and, more importantly, who doesn't.

We have seen, on a number of occasions, companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of capital on new equipment only to discover that they are not working as intended, are of poor quality or are simply not compliant with current regulations.

This experience is costly and embarassing to a company who has a vision of expanding its services in the future.

Because we have learnt who to trust, we are able to guide your company before the comittment to buy.

It is just the same with purchases for your home. Buy a quality item and it will last or buy a cheaper version and expect to pay more in the long run.

By coupling your purchase with a tailor-made maintenance package, you will guard against large repair bills and failures. Also, as with your own car, by having a good maintenance record will ensure that you can command the best price on resale in the future.

If you have any equipment requirements or need advice, prior to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting the Contact page.