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Aviation Equipment Resources Ltd

Aviation Equipment Resources Ltd


AERUK provides solutions to clients and operators with the aim of bringing affordable and innovative new equipment with high productivity values, to all companies requiring capital assets or maintenance services within their businesses. AERUK is an equipment solutions provider, utilising asset management, finance products and on-site representation to deliver equipment leasing, fleet management, maintenance and advisory services.

AERUK analyses the careful selection and implementation of all service equipment, as well as currently operating equipment leasing contracts with many companies in the UK and Worldwide.

Company Profile

AERUK is a small yet stable and responsive company with five employees all with many years experience in sourcing and then selling on, or leasing this equipment at competitive rates. AERUK prides itself on providing a personal service at the lowest market rates.

Within the last two years AERUK has brought to market several equipment innovations, not least through a partnership with Stannah Stairlifts, a product called Ambistair, which is illustrated above. This product provides a safe and secure method of loading and off-loading passengers onto aircraft. One of the major benefits being that this reduces the reliance upon high cost large vehicles and also lowers the staff costs and injury risk of the operation.

There are many other advantages to using Ambistair and, on request, we can provide full details. Press on the red link to view our brochure for Ambistair.